Christian Schwarz

Hi, I’m Chris. I’m a product manager and freelance consultant living in Vienna. Currently building Chummify. Previously Product at mymuesli.

I'm all about product strategy, innovation and making something people really love. The future being our playground, we should all strive to create something bigger than ourselves that genuinely makes a difference in people's lives.

Advising mymuesli

Since August 2018

Project Personalized Nutrition: The first fully customized muesli based on your blood test results.

Get the micronutrients your body really needs without necessarily having to fall back on supplements as an alternative to real foods. Many people struggle with a lot of symptoms in everyday life of which many are highly likely from nutritional deficiencies in their diet.

If you have ever asked yourself about a perfect breakfast with some variety that does not only taste good, but is actually good for your body and well-being. Here is the solution!

Created a 24-page-long strategy paper analyzing everything from the vision, purpose, value creation, scientific base, process technologies to implementation competence, market analysis, cooperation partners and legal requirements.Did a thorough nutritional analysis of a majority of the current range of products.Worked close with the founding, business development and product team.Participated in a couple of important onsite meetings in the Berlin office.Currently being tested by a limited pool of test users.

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Building Chummify

Since March 2016

Chummify is a Vienna-based psychology startup that takes your Big Five personality traits and brings you together with new people in real life who you are on the same page with.

It's all about finding someone out there who just really gets you on a deeper level and approaches life in a similar way to you. There is a real need for human connection nowadays, to feel like you're being understood, to feel that other people relate to you and feel that you're not alone.

It works very simple, really. Make a short personality test, put your smartphone away and get notified as soon as you've got a match. As simple as it gets, without any wasted time. Also featured in a new study program at the University of Passau.

Being the solo founder of the project, I had the first idea for it back in 2016.Since then, I took care of basically everything in the process of bootstrapping this little baby: Research, strategy, user experience design, development, marketing, recruiting beta users, etc.My overall approach was always a little slower than usual, making sure that the quality of the user experience was on point and brought tremendous value to the user.Got a little help during a short period of time, but unfortunately, it wasn't really that serious.Creating a product really grows deeply on you and I'm still very passionate about the topics of deeper connections, personality science, meaningful relationships, and overcoming loneliness.Currently being completely revised for the second phase of beta testing in April/May with students in Vienna, Austria. Stay tuned!

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Health ScienceSport & Exercise, Hypertrophy & Strength ScienceNutritional Biochemistry & NeurosciencePersonality Psychology & Personal DevelopmentProduct & UX Design, Rapid Prototyping

Don't get me wrong, I am by no means a 100% expert in any of these fields of study, but am quite good at connecting the dots between all of them. I also taught myself how to go deep on subjects fast throughout the last few years. Rather than trying to learn every single aspect of a particular topic, I found that it was more efficient to spend my time researching and identifying the single best source in a given context, and then going straight to that.

I'm also a huge product guy at heart and just love me some Silicon Valley spirit! Therefore, I'm a firm believer in the philosophies behind Deep Work, Lovability, the Minimum Loveable Product, Company of One and Doing Things That Don't Scale.

As Brian Chesky, co-founder of Airbnb, once said about startups: “It’s better to have 100 people love you than have a million people that sort of like you.”

My humble self ...

... previously interned with and continued to work as a Junior Product Manager at mymuesli.

... doesn't like how the current education system works, but still holds an Honours Degree in Digital Technology and Entrepreneurship from the University of Passau.

... was an avid hockey player when growing up.

... started a t-shirt business and grew a Facebook page to more than 20,000 likes with 14.

... speaks German, English and Russian fluently.

... went on a 3-month-long solo backpacking trip to Southeast Asia with 18.

... crossed a flash flood once on a motorcycle in Vietnam, having never driven one before.

... lived in 7 cities and traveled to around 30 countries around the world up until now. I'm originally from Frankfurt, Germany.

... plays the piano, guitar and sings. Oh, and definitely has a thing for dancing, too.

... usually has to sneeze at least twice after having some strong mint gum or dark chocolate.

Other than that, I have a deep passion for health and nutrition science, weightlifting, exercise science, neuroscience, psychology, self-improvement, music, personal finance, user experience design, cars, philosophy, travel, photography and enjoying the little things in life. Such as Viennese coffee, sunshine and a fresh breeze on your face on a perfect Sunday afternoon.

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Christian Schwarz

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